Other countries use brass to make bullets, why does China use refined steel?It is helpless

Date: 2019-01-14
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Other countries use brass to make bullets, why does China use refined steel?It is helpless


From the beginning, bullets were made of brass, and because copper was so stretchable, they did not jam easily, so they had a certain reliability in battle.So brass is a good choice.But China does not like other countries use brass as a bullet production materials, because of brass, the yield was very low in China, combined with the production cost is relatively high, so every country can not accept, and military personnel in our country, use the bullet is very much, it will be to bring economic pressure to our country.At this time, our country found a material that can replace brass - fine steel.

As China's iron and steel resources are relatively rich, and the output can be said to be in the forefront of the world, but copper resources are less.Therefore, replacing brass with steel can not only solve the problem of brass shortage, but also reduce the production cost.And the contrast of steel and copper is: steel can not have copper extension and corrosion resistance is good, therefore, with steel to do the bullet, the accident will occur frequently, and steel is very hard, which will produce certain damage to the gun, thus reducing the service life of the gun, so with steel is helpless.

In order to solve this series of problems, China's weapons experts are very clever to use a seed shell copper plating method, not only can retain the advantages of brass materials, two can greatly reduce the wear of expensive guns, three to save our military firearms expenditure costs, can be said to be more than one!This practice of China was highly recognized by many countries, so other countries began to use China's method to make bullets with steel.Even the United States, which USES the most bullets in the world, imports the most from China.

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